al maqsad new capital
al maqsad new capital

Across 214 feddans, AlMaqsad Residences exhibit a wide
range of architecture.The two districts are made of 97 and 117 feddans,expressing versatility in the units’ facades. The units in
AlMaqsad Residences districts are fully finished units and will be serviced by the carefully designed facilities and amenities of the new capital, utilizing the full potential of all the new capital has to offer.

Payment plan :

over 3,5,7 years quarterly 

-   5% down payment .

-   10% after 3 months .

-   85 % over 3,5,7 years quarterly installments.

Maintenance fees 5% of the unit price .

Starting prices :

3 years 12,400

5 years 12,900

7 years 13,900

Delivery date : 06-2021 .

 KEEVA by Al Ahly Sabbour
KEEVA by Al Ahly Sabbour

"KEEVA" 6th of October location has a premium location in the heart of 6 october city beside Compound palm parks and Swan lake, 5 mins of Shopping malls, 7 MINS of Media City, 15 mins of Smart Village and 30 mins of Down Town.

KEEVA means precious and beautiful. This is exactly what AL Ahly Sabbour is delivering. Nestled in the heart of 6th of October, close to everything you care about, this lush

144 Feddan plot 14 feddan commercial front and 12% building - G+2.

Offers the exclusivity of the tranquil and beautiful countryside with the architecture and services of the modern city, Sapirate Villas - Twin house - townhouse and Fully finishing Apartments.

This combination truly offers the “Modern Countryside”.

Raising the standards of urban living is what we do best. KEEVA offers units with an array of living spaces for the modern-minded. We know that your best life begins with a life that inspires you, so we have developed different unit types to suit every lifestyle and family size.

KEEVA KEEVA Aminites and Services: KEEVA will provide you with all the facilities that you need for you and your family 

  • Highest level playing fields with all games
  • Clubhouse
  • Service area
  • Shops, international restaurants
  • swimming pool
  • security cameras
  • Security and guarding 24/7

KEEVA Unit Types:

  1. KEEVA Villas
  • Villa Court BUA 360 m2
  • Villa Loft BUA 340 m2
  • Twin House BUA 265 m2
  • Town Houses BUA 265 m2 - 230 m2
  • Villa Standard BUA 330 m2 - 295 m2 - 260 m2 - 225 m2
  1. KEEVA Residences
  • Apartment 2 Bedrooms from 118 to 122 m2
  • Apartment 3 Bedrooms Type one: from 154 to 158 m2 
  • Apartment 3 Bedrooms Type Two: from 168 to 190 m2 

KEEVA 6th of October Payment plan "Design your payment plan"

  1. 5% Down payment up to 8 Years Equal instalment
  2. 10% Down payment up to 9 years Equal instalment
  3. 15% Down payment up to 10 years Equal instalment
 Mall ZAHA Park new capital
Mall ZAHA Park new capital

Zaha Park created to be the main destination for anyone in the New Capital who is looking for luxury to every aspect of life. It’s the place for every dreamer who want his dreams to come true.

1st Commercial & Administrative Business complex in New Capital ,Various Area Units Starting From 35 M2. Various Use Starting From Coffee Shops. Banking, Restaurant. Bakeries lab,pharmacy Medical scan.

It is located in a privileged location in the Administrative Capital, as it will soon become a destination that attracts all residents seeking entertainment, shopping and buying the products of the world's most famous brands.

The special place mentioned is located next to Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque on the central axis, the central business district and the government district specifically MU 23 in plot e15 and that area is characterized by all services that may be needed by 250 thousand people and is classified as a place serving 50,000 residents of government residential properties located in Area R2 and R3.

MU 23 also has hospitals, schools, and universities, so it will surely become a crowded area, which will give the mall a unique status and ensure that its services are periodically renewed.

It is one of the giant and huge projects that anyone can invest their money in, it includes many administrative and medical units, shops and a health center as well if one of the agents wanted to set up his own business in Zaha Park Administrative Capital, he/she will find the right place and it will help him to establish his business and with unique spaces that satisfy all customers.

More Details about Zaha Park New Capital

Zaha Park New Administrative Capital is one of the largest projects in the Administrative Capital, where Hometown Development has fully established this large edifice, which includes shops, clinics and administrative units for sale with different spaces within Central Businesses District.

It also possesses all the components and economic development sustainability that is one of the reasons for the success of this huge project, as Hometown has worked to provide a lot of various units so that the customer can choose the places he needs easily, as well as, the customer can own units in Zaha Park Mall by direct purchase or selection of one of the payment systems available from the executing company.

 Hyde Park in New Cairo
Hyde Park in New Cairo


Hyde Park is strategically located in the most thriving location in New Cairo, overlooking, both, Road 90 and the New Ring Road. AUC is just around the corner and Cairo International Airport is a short 20-minute drive away. Just like its residents, who seek to find inner peace in a constantly moving world, Hyde Park is within proximity of the city’s bustling streets yet retains an aura of tranquillity for its homeowners to retire to at the end of the day.

urbanised community within Hyde Park New Cairo, extends across a total area of 39,000 sqm. With its elevation and premium locale, The Residences offer ultimate privacy and tantalizing views of Hyde Park’s surrounding landscapes of lush greenery. The Residences is situated within proximity of Hyde Park’s main  entrance, the Business District and Park Corner. The neighbourhood is easily accessible fromRoad 90 and runs along
Hyde Park’s main road and promenade that are lined with tall trees, lively flora, and neatly trimmed bushes. Promising extravagant living experiences with a perfect balance between urban grace and suburban tranquillity, The Residences is definitely
a home to call your own. The road-less community embraces a large landscaped core that’s abundant with manicured lawns and
walking trails; the perfectplace for kids to play and adults to enjoy an afternoon stroll. Every homeowner has their own preferences, that’s why The Residences offers units with your choice of an apartment, duplex with a garden, or duplex with a roof terrace.

 Zed East New Cairo Ora Developments
Zed East New Cairo Ora Developments

ORA Developers Newest Project in New Cairo: 400 feddan 

Fully Finished with Acs and kitchen cabinets 

“Town House , Twin House & Villas”
Fully Finished

* Parking slot
* Largest club in new cairo (50 feddan)
* More than 100 feddan greenery

Average price per meter : 23,500
EOI : 100 K ( wont’t be debited )/ unit

Location: New Kattamya, on East Ring Road. Right in front of Hyde Park

Building Types: G+3, G+5 & G+8

Apart Avg price: 23.5K (including finishing, ACs, Kitchen Cabinets & 1 parking slot)

Apart sizes: 55m to 240m

Payment: 10% down payment, 5% Contract payment, 10% delivery. The rest over 8 years

Single Family Types: 

Single Family Avg price: 45k (including finishing without ACs and Kitchen cabinets)

Single Family Sizes: 170m-350m

Payment: 10% down payment, 5% Contract payment, 10% delivery. The rest over 8 years.

 Haptown | Hassan Allam Properties
Haptown | Hassan Allam Properties

For years, Hassan Allam Properties has developed premium residential areas where communities thrived and unique stories

Today, Hassan Allam Properties’ flagship developments, Seasons and Park View, come together in one premium city center, Haptown.

In this integrated center point, communities fuse together, family-centric environments emerge and
unrivaled experiences happen. Every experience creates a chronical of narratives that collectively shape the community’s
future stories. Situated in a prime location within Mostakbal City, Haptown offers versatile living opportunities, balanced
open landscapes, vibrant outdoor momentum, dynamic fitness settings, integrated mixed-use areas and a functional
business district. Beyond its magnitude of features, the town flourishes for future generations to come.

Payment Plans:

10% DP / 7 Years Equal Installments - 10% DP / 10% Delivery payment / 8 years equal installments.

 The Iris | By Hassan Allam Properties‏
The Iris | By Hassan Allam Properties‏

The Iris houses families into a sophisticated residential area, where every one of its ten buildings offers abundant levels of comfort and serenity.

Its total land area, spanning 93,487 sqm, owes expansive levels of privacy and exclusive backdrops to its community. 32,043 sqm of verdant landscapes beautifully surround almost every building, offering 360-degree views of greenery to 765 units. At the heart of its ever-growing foliage, the neighborhood’s central park spread out across 18,849 sqm.

-Apartments Only / Fully Finished

Payment Plan:

- 10% Downpayment - 6 years Equal installments

- 5% Downpayment / 10% Contract payment - 6 years Equal Installments

- 10% Downpayment / 10% Contract Payment - 7 years Equal Installments 


1500 EGP/ Sqm

 Swan lake residence hassan allam
Swan lake residence hassan allam

Hassan Allam Properties is launching Giselle, the latest neighborhood inside SwanLake Residences New Cairo.


Giselle covers 438 acres in one of New Cairo's most strategic locations. The project is found 1 km away from Al Rehab & Mirage City, 2 km away from SwanLake Kattameya, 6 km away from Cairo International Airport, 9 km away from The AUC & Cairo Festival City and 10 km away from Heliopolis. 


Payment plan:

10% Downpayment - 6 years Equal Installments

10% Downpayment / 10% Contract Payment - 7 years Equal Installments.


1800 EGP/ Sqm.

 Palm Hills Alexandria
Palm Hills Alexandria

A lavish integrated community, spanning across 152 feddans.

Meticulously designed to meet your needs
Palm Hills Alexandria has been designed to incorporate a
fully-operational mix-use commercial area, containing many facilities
including an international school, mall, and The Green Spine.

A standalone villa designed and constructed into four separate residences to host a sense of privacy, while maintaining overall unity, Palm Hills Alexandria introduces Tessera , originating from the Greek prefix “four”. The two lower residences within each Tessera come with a ground and first floor, as well as an extra option for a lower-level floor with a garden, while the two upper
residences come with a ground floor, first floor, and rooftop.

 ALEXANDRIA Palm Residence
ALEXANDRIA Palm Residence

A lavish integrated community, spanning across 152 feddans.

Palm Hills Alexandria has been designed to incorporate a
fully-operational mix-use commercial area, containing many facilities
including an international school, mall, and The Green Spine.

 Mountain View III New Cairo
Mountain View III New Cairo

Unit Types

Stand alone Villas

Villa type A

                ⁃              BUA:425m

                ⁃              Usable area 512 (including roof)

                ⁃              5 BR (4 master BR+ guest room+ maid room)

                ⁃              2 sided garden (back yard)

                ⁃              Average garden area: 150m

Villa type B

                ⁃              BUA: 340m

                ⁃              Usable area 367m

                ⁃              5 BR ( 2 master BR + 2 rooms + guest room + maid room)

*rooms include living in rooms floor

                ⁃              2 sided gardens (back yard)

                ⁃              Average garden area: 150m

Villa type C

                ⁃              BUA: 275m

                ⁃              Usable area 304

                ⁃              4 BR (1 master BR + 3 rooms+ 1 maid room)

*rooms include living in rooms floor

                ⁃              1 sided garden ( L shaped)

                ⁃              Average garden areas: 150 m

Villa type D

                ⁃              BUA: 245m

                ⁃              Usable area 290

                ⁃              3 BR ( 1 master BR + 2 rooms + maid room)

                ⁃              1 sided garden ( L shaped)

                ⁃              Average garden areas: 150 m


                •             Corner townhouses

                1.            Building Type: 6 Attached townhouses

                ⁃              Townhouse corner 240m

                ⁃              Usable area 290m

                ⁃              4 BR ( 1 master BR + 3 BR)

                ⁃              Average garden area: above 100m

                2.            Building Type: 4 Attached townhouses

                ⁃              Townhouse corner 220m

                ⁃              Usable 260m

                ⁃              3 BR ( 1 master BR + 2 rooms)

                ⁃              Average garden area: above 100m

                •             Any middle townhouse

                ⁃              Townhouse corner 220m

                ⁃              Usable 260m

                ⁃              3 BR ( 1 master BR + 2 rooms)

                ⁃              Average garden areas: 60-70m

Project details

                ⁃              Narrowest area in The Valley: 25m

                ⁃              25 feddans

                ⁃              Between the mountain park and royal park

Payment Plan

                ⁃              10% down payment- 7 years installments

                ⁃              Could be flexible to 8 years payment plan upon request

                ⁃              Core and shell finishing

                ⁃              4 years delivery

                ⁃              Maintenance 8%

Price Averages

                ⁃              Townhouse middle: 5,600,000

                ⁃              Townhouse corner: 6,600,000

                ⁃              Villa D: 7,500,000

                ⁃              Villa C: 8,500,000

                ⁃              Villa B: 11,000,000

                ⁃              Villa A: 15,000,000

 AZHA Ain Sokhna
AZHA Ain Sokhna

Type A 530 Sqm plot area 1300-1700 Sqm - ranging from

34,865,000 - 35,800,000 L.E

Type B  340 Sqm plot area 800-900 Sqm - ranging from 25,000,000-26,000,000 L.E

Type C  435 Sqm plot area 600-1400 Sqm - ranging from 19,000,000-25,000,000 L.E

15% down payment 8 years equal installment.

Delivery one year

Payment Dp 25%

Installments over 4 years